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AOAC 2018.13-2018 Enumeration of Escherichia coli and Coliform i

Company Info 3M
Analyte Bacteria/Coliform Group,
Coliform Group/Escherichia coli,
Bacteria/Escherichia coli
Analytical Technique 3M Petrifilm Rapid E. coli/Coliform Count Plate
Equipment Test Kit
Matrices Foods,
Environmental Surfaces,
Environmental Surfaces/Stainless Steel,
Environmental Surfaces/Sealed Concrete,
Baby Foods/Infant Formula,
Baby Foods/Mixed Dry Infant Cereal,
Cereals/Rice Cereal,
Dairy Products/Butter,
Dairy Products/Milk,
Milk/Dried Milk,
Milk/Fresh Raw Milk,
Milk/Instant Nonfat Dried Milk,
Milk/Nonfat Dry Milk,
Milk/Pasteurized Whole Milk,
Milk/Raw Milk,
Eggs and Egg Products/Dried Egg Whites,
Eggs and Egg Products/Egg Whites,
Eggs and Egg Products/Eggs,
Eggs and Egg Products/Liquid Eggs,
Eggs and Egg Products/Shell Eggs,
Eggs and Egg Products/Whole Eggs,
Eggs/Egg White,
Salmon/Smoked Salmon,
Fruits and Fruit Products/Frozen Fruits,
Beef/Raw Ground Beef,
Pork/Frozen Ground Raw Pork,
Chicken/Chicken Carcass Rinsates,
Chicken/Chicken Wings,
Chicken/Raw Ground Chicken,
Foods/Ready-to-Eat Deli Sandwiches,
Spices and Condiments/Dressing,
Spinach/Raw Bagged Spinach,
Pet Foods/Dry Dog Food,
Animal Feed/Poultry Feed??

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